The first 3D model

My first 3D model is a 5 plank open wagon, in the British 1:87 (HO) scale, inspired from the example on the British 1:87 Scale Society website.

Now it’s finished and ready to be 3D printed.

wagon wagon_front wagon_details


2 thoughts on “The first 3D model

  1. Hi Paola,

    Have you any pictures of the 5 wagons you got printed? What underframe/wheels have you mounted them on? What did it turn out like compared to the Lima model? If I wanted to buy some, how much would they cost?

    Ta, Frank


  2. Hi Frank,
    the printed wagons are smaller than the Lima ones. They are based on a GWR pattern found on the Internet and have been designed to fit reasonably well the British 1:87 Society 9 feet photoetched underframe. I have test printed them in 6 different materials with varying results in terms of details and robustness. The samples will be on display at the upcoming Warley show on November 28th/29th. My prototypes are still not for sale (I first want the feedback from the modelers at Warley), once ready they will be available for sale on Shapeways website (I will publish the link in due time).
    Happy Modeling


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