Class 43 hst InterCity 125


The Class 43 Locomotive

The Class 43 locomotive is depicted at the top of this post. I’m designing the prototype model of the Class 43 in HO (1:87) scale, starting from the blueprint: I scan the drawing, I use it as a trace to follow ext_profile_fr.pngto draw the profile with Inkscape, then I import the 2D profiles into FreeCAD to be extruded and create the 3D model of the ext_profile_ax_view.pnglocomotive parts. Finally I combine the 3D blocks together to build the complete model to be sent to the 3D printer.


2 thoughts on “Class 43 hst InterCity 125

  1. Hi – I hope you can help me. My son Alan, who is registered blind, has started a small company making castings of iconic oblects. I am trying to find a 3D CAD model of the HST 125. Could you possibly help in any way, or do you know anywhere that sells a suitable drawing? Thanks – Chris


    1. Hello Chris,
      thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately my 3D models are not for sale or redistribution. Best Regards.


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