Class 43 IC125: the body


Class 43 IC125: the body

Tracing the locomotive body profile with Inkscape trimmed_arcs and creating a unique path with it was fun and quite an easy job. The tricky part started when I imported the drawing inside FreeCAD:  the path created inside Inkscape was not straightforward to be converted into FreeCAD objects. After some trials I found the workaround (I used my experience  as software CAD engineer 😉 ): body_profile_face to make the created objects completely compatible with the FreeCAD version I currently use. Now the locomotive section is ready and extruded through the whole length of the body.
I’m ready for the new 3D geometry challenge: the cabin.


5 thoughts on “Class 43 IC125: the body

  1. Welcome 🙂
    I’m working on the side profile of the cabin.
    The Inkscape shapes are ready, I need to import them inside Freecad.


  2. Excellent. I’m currently working on an art project involving the class 43 and am considering the use of a basic 3d computer model. I have 3ds max (free for students!) however I don’t know where to start. So i’ll watch this with interest.


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