Class 43 IC 125: the details


The details

cabin_inout_halvesTo be ready for the window cuts, the cabin needs too be hollow: I designed the profiles for the internal cavity of the cabin, extruded and intersected them to have a solid to be used to cut out the internal room of the cabin.

Then I drew the shapes for all the windows, I created an extrusion solid from them, positioned it close to the part to be pierced and cut it out from the main solid (e.g. from the half cabin). I created in a similar way the frames internal to the openings and fused them together with the newly created pierced solid. This technique worked quite straightforward for all the windows on the cabin, the body and the back.

Then I faced the openings of the body for the grids on the side and on the roof. While the cut was as easy as for the windows, in these cases instead of the frames I added the internal bars supporting the side grids (as in the real case) and created an “L” shape behind the roof grid cuts to allow the final user (the modeler) to position and glue there the metal thin film structure representing the grid.

When uploading this prototype on the webpage of the 3D printing company, the support bars behind the side grids openings didn’t pass the wall thickness checks for the white strong & flexible plastic. Then I added a panel just behind them to make the printout possible. I’m waiting for the sample to be shipped at my own home, probably next week 😀 .


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