Class 43 IC 125: the protoptype

mail 2015-12-01 10.59.43

The prototype

Finally I received the first 3D printed prototype: the white one. In the pictures it is next to a 1:76 class 43 shell from Lima (the turquoise one) for comparison. Here below you can see the side details I added: the inset for the grid, the window cuts.  mail 2015-12-01 10.53.24

The longitudinal cutouts where the roof starts are meant to host the roof grids: either created with  photo-etched metal, or the grid blocks to plug in I will print in the next version.

All the roof details are still to be done, while on the back I made the proper shape and the window cuts are done.

I’m already back to work on the “to do” list for the next version. I’ll keep you posted.


4 thoughts on “Class 43 IC 125: the protoptype

  1. Hi, great modelling. will you be making the model files public? I would love to scale this up to 7 1/4 inch gauge. kindest regards.


    1. Hello Ian,
      my goal is to produce a reasonably complete model ( or model kit ) in HO to be sold. I am planning to turn my design activity into a profession and make a living out of it, so I cannot make my source material public.
      On the other hand I would be more than happy to rescale the design to your specifications, but consider that with the upscaling there will be other manufacturing issues to take into account, and probably the 3D printing process might not be suitable.
      Should you be interested in such a model, please contact me offline and we could see what it would take to make the model.


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