Occitan Cross


Some  months ago I got the idea to create some jewelry with the shape of the occitan cross. Now the time has come to pick up this project, using the experience I gained developing the 3D model of the IC125. First I searched on the internet the description of the geometrical contruction of the creu occitana, which I found quite intriguing, as the last time I used drawing tools such as a set square and a compass I was at high school and they were real tools to be used by hand, with a pencil. Now I am using virtual tools as FreeCAD, but I had to start again to think geometrically. creu_sketch

The first step of the project is to draw the 2D shape of the cross. Considering the symmetry of the shape, I drew the geometrical construction for half ocreu_inkscf the upper vertical arm of the cross: a simple sketch with FreeCAD.

I exported it and cut, copied, pasted, merged the paths with Inkscape, until I created the shape of the quarter of the cross, ready to be copied and flipped, to have the full cross as a manifold. Now it’s time to import it back into FreeCAD, to develop the 3D jewel from this 2D drawing. It will be my next post.


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