Occitan cross 3D

creu_quart_draftOnce stretched  the Inkscape 2D drawing of the occitan cross to the desired dimensions, I imported it into FreeCAD, together with some of the construction elements (e.g.: the circles at the spikes of the cross arms), to be used as reference.


I extruded directly the imported quarter shape of the cross and mirrored it to compose the central 3d shape of the cross.

creu_pegThen I created a single peg with the Part Workbench built in shapes (a cylinder and a sphere), taking care to match exactly the circle dimensions from Inkscape. With the help of the Array feature it was quite simple to create copies of the pegs and place them conveniently around the cross quarter.

The basic 3d shape is done.


The next step will be to refine it, perhaps with some chamfering at the upper edges, to have a more smooth border.


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