Occitan cufflinks

creu_finalNow that the face has been refined, it’s time to complete the design of the cufflinks. For this first cufflinks design I choose a straight post. On the backing I’m going to design the seven-armed star of the Felibrige, appecufflinks_backaring on the occitan flag, as complementary to the occitan cross on the face of the cufflinks. Being a simple seven-armed cross with a central symmetry, the drawing comes straightforward from basic geometry of a heptagon. I add a small round plate as support and connect the front and the backing with a cylinder.



2 thoughts on “Occitan cufflinks

  1. Hi Paola, I love these and wondering how much you charge for custom design? (I can’t see an email link anywhere on the page so leaving a comment and hope you see!)


  2. Hello Eloise,
    I answered to your mail, thanks for buying my cufflinks.
    The email is available under the page “About” and I just added a page “Contact” for enquiries.
    Thanks for your interest in my jewels.


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