3D id corporate badge: the name

Now that our company is starting, we use the Fablab facility for professionals. It would be nice to wear a corporate id badge. As we are three associates, using our living rooms respectively as R&D office and test lab, we have no need of an usual id badge to check in and out at the company gate (we have the key for both the main building entrance and of our apartment doors). business_cardThen the idea came to my mind to design a 3d corporate badge, to gain more company visibility when we are at the FabLab workshop, printing our prototypes, or we take part to workshops, sharing ideas with other professionals. Wanting to keep the same appearance of the business cards, I asked Lorenzo for the original objects he used to draw them: a path from Inkscape for the company name and an stl object generated and exported with OpenSCAD for the twisted gear. I needed to reproduce the smult_pointsame shapes in 3D with Freecad, with the obvious size limits (especially in the overall thickness) of a “nearly flat” credit card like badge. If I may allow myself the comparison, without being too arrogant with respect to real sculptors, I needed to create a “low relief” of the business card objects. Before importing the Inkscape path of the company name inside FreeCAD, I flattened the path’s Bezier’s curve turning into an approximation composed of straight-line paths and reduced to only one node the agglomeration of nodes sometimes created by the conversion: in this way once imported the svg file inside FreeCAD, it can be handled as a set of lines (or “edges”) and there is no risk to convert an Inkscape closed path into a FreeCAD open path if the D_3dwrong node in the agglomeration is kept in the import. This made a lot easier to hd_shapesave all the  letters as surfaces and extract the internal cutout surfaces (for letters like “P” or “D”) to create by boolean difference the exact text-shape to be extruded. sp3d_3d

How I dealt with the twisted gear deserves a dedicated post. Just wait and read…


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