3D id corporate badge: the basic card

Drawing a blank credit card is an easy task. badge_shapesThe fun comes when trying to add the company name and logo: the extrusion of the company name needed just a resizing and positioning, while the gearwheel  logo has been more tricky. My idea was to include the core of the gearwheel  design in the id badge, keeping it  “low relief”. As in the business card the gear appears tilted and turned, I tried to reproduce the same positioning in 3D, I cut out from the badge card the tilted and gear_th_sliturned extrusion of the full twisted gear and then I inserted in the cutout hole a thin slice, cut symmetrically around the plane where the inside cut changes shape, as well positioned and tilted. After adding a cutout hole for the clip badge holder, I sent it to the printer. For this first print run I choose to engrave the company name (as an alternative of having it also as low relief) and to use white resin.

Printer setup for the badge print run, with the automatically generated print  supports.

According to the prototype results, I will add the name of the card holder and have it printed in metal.


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