Twisted gear easy made

Some time ago I struggled to build a twisted gear with the “loft” tool inside FreeCAD for the logo of our company.

There’s a much easier way: still inside FreeCAD the “sweep” tool used along a helix. It’s enough to draw a helix and sweep the face of the gear along it. gear_helixThe face (in grey) lays on the x-y plane and is centred around the z axis; the helix (in green) is also centered around the z axis. The helix is used as “sweep path” and the face is the object to be swept.

The only tgear_cubericky part to pay attention to is that the upper surface of the sweep solid will not be parallel to the base: it’s enough to have the helix’s height bigger than the height needed for the twisted gear and intersect the resulting twisted solid with a cuboid with the base larger than the gear face and the exact needed height.

The twisted gear is ready:




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