Inkscape and glyphs import

I’ve been asked by a customer to print for him the waterslide decal here below:

He sent me both the doc file and the pdf version: it is a sequence of Arial Black 24 characters. There is a “but”: the character between the W and the D is a “turned dagger” symbol of the Times New Roman font, which does not exist in the characters set on my computer. It is also not even visible when visualizing the pdf file. I tried it on the computer of a colleague and it was not visible also there.

I needed to import it inside Inkscape. Thepop_cai_imp trick is: from Inkscape import the pdf file with Import setting “Poppler/Cairo import”: this option keeps some special characters (symbols) visible.

glyphThe second step was to convert the sequence of characters into a path: quite easy for the Arial Black letters, not so straightforward for this symbol, which turned up to be a symbol called “glyph2-1” and I had no idea how to handle it.ink_sym

The Inkscape menu Object-> Symbols to see all the symbols present in the  document.

Once selected the symbol,  one click on  “Edit->Clone->Unlink Clone”


does the job:  now it is a path.